NCMS Business Alliance

About the NCMS Business Alliance

The NCMS Business Alliance brings together North Carolina's business and health care communities in an innovative collaboration to improve the lives, and livelihood, of all North Carolinians. As a solutions-oriented organization, the NCMS seeks partners like you to join us in our work to ensure a healthy North Carolina.

Together We Can Achieve a Healthy NC

Data reveals that, sadly we have much more work to do to improve the health of North Carolina's population. NCMS physician and PA members are committed to improving health and to addressing health disparities wherever they exist — between urban and rural communities as well as with historically marginalized groups.

As you know, an unhealthy workforce is a drag on the economy and the productivity and potential of your business. We also know a healthy community depends on more than just visiting a doctor. Safe housing, regular access to nutritious food, robust employment opportunities, strong educational institutions and reliable transportation to get to school, work or to visit a health clinic when necessary all contribute to healthy individuals and economically vibrant communities. The NCMS sees that broader picture and is committed to collaborating across sectors to bring about positive change.

To achieve lasting change, a coordinated effort is essential. The NCMS Business Alliance is designed to bring together the key players in the business and health care communities as critical change agents to improve conditions in our state that affect health, and ultimately improve the bottom line for businesses.

How Does the Business Alliance Work?

Increasingly consumers and employees expect companies to be good corporate citizens by investing in a larger, common purpose. To demonstrate their commitment to the greater good, companies often align with non-profits and the causes they support. The NCMS' mission is to "enhance the health of North Carolinians." By aligning with the NCMS as a Business Alliance member, you become an integral part of that mission.

As an NCMS Business Alliance member you...

  • Gain access to meaningful exchanges of ideas, innovations and business relationships with our 9,000 physicians and PAs in your community and across the state. Our members are open to your message because your business may be an integral part of their success. When success means safeguarding the health of our fellow North Carolinians, everyone benefits.
  • Become part of our long legacy of policymaking influence and action. At the NC General Assembly and in the halls of state agencies, the NCMS is respected for its thoughtful, deliberate and forward-thinking approach to positive change.
  • Have opportunities to network with those providing direct patient care to your employees and your customers.

When all people are healthy, businesses prosper and NC prospers.


What Does Your Business Alliance Membership Support?

Beyond the opportunity to interact with members to develop and foster long-term, meaningful relationships, your membership dues provide critical support for our many initiatives that help our members enhance the health of North Carolinians.

Longstanding initiatives include our robust leadership development programs through our Kanof Institute for Physician Leadership; and our tuition reimbursement Community Practitioner Program, which places physicians, PAs and NPs in underserved areas of the state.

Always attuned to current challenges, our Project OBOT helps train and give our members the tools necessary to combat the opiod abuse crisit. Our Community Health Initiative allows our members to seamlessly address the non-clinical challenges their patients face such as food insecurity, pre-diabetes and others.

Learn more about all of our work here.

Over the next decade, the NCMS is focused on moving North Carolina into the top 10 in health rankings nationally. We are confident of our eventual succes in part because we seek to collaborate. If you share our vision, we invite you to become an NCMS Business Alliance member. Work with us to leverage the unique expertise and perspectives we both have toward a common goal.