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North Carolina Orthopaedic AssociationMission of the NCOA

The mission of the North Carolina Orthopaedic Association (NCOA) is to advance the science and practice of Orthopaedic surgery through education and advocacy on behalf of patients and practitioners, with emphasis on overall quality Orthopaedic health care for the state of North Carolina.

Latest News

2023 NCOA Save the Date Save the Date for the 2023 NCOA Annual Meeting!

Annual Meeting: October 25-28, 2023
Charleston Place, Charleston, SC

Thank you to all who attended the October 2022 NCOA Annual Meeting in Kiawah! Please mark your calendar today for the 2023 meeting.

Exhibitors: Interested in showcasing your products or services at the 2023 meeting? Please contact Asheton Graham for more information.


Gray podcast iconSeptember 2022:  Dr. Oke Anakwenze on the upcoming NCOA 2022 Annual Meeting
NCOA lobbyist Connie Wilson talks with orthopaedic surgeon Oke Anakwenze, MD, MBA, who serves as Program Chair for the 2022 Annual Meeting. Get a sneak peak on topics and issues that the meeting will explore. LISTEN NOW
June 2022:  Dr. Claude Jarrett on Medicaid ExpansionGray podcast icon
Connie Wilson discusses Medicaid Expansion with Dr. Claude Jarrett, NC Medical Society Board Member and a Leadership Team member with the NCOA. Hear how he thinks Medicaid Expansion could impact orthopaedics. LISTEN NOW 
May 2022:  Dr. Richard Bruch on the importance of political advocacyGray podcast icon
Listen in as NCOA lobbyist Connie Wilson talks with Dr. Richard Bruch about how he became involved in grassroots advocacy and the importance he places on building relationships with his local legislators and supporting state and national PACs. LISTEN NOW
Gray podcast iconFeb. 2022: Dr. Cynthia Emory on telehealth and preauthorization
NCOA lobbyist Connie Wilson and Dr. Cynthia Emory, Vice-Chair of Orthopaedic Surgery at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist, discuss why telehealth licensure and additional flexibility in preauthorization is important to patients in North Carolina.  LISTEN NOW
Gray podcast iconJan. 2022: Listen to the Inaugural NCOA Podcast featuring NCOA President Robert Boykin, MD
NCOA lobbyist Connie Wilson interviews 2022 NCOA President Robert Boykin, MD, regarding the mission of the NCOA and the priorities of the association in the coming year. LISTEN NOW 
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North Carolina Orthopaedic Association
PO Box 27167
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Raleigh, NC 27611
Phone: (919) 833-3836
Fax: (919) 833-2023