Wake County Medical Society

Wake County Medical Society

Welcome to WCMS!

Wake County Medical Society is an organization established in order to enable physicians and other friends of the profession to support projects vitally affecting scientific medicine and public health.

It is our hope to have a positive impact on the community and our past has shown what amazing accomplishments can come from the dedicated work of professionals with passion.  Please learn more by viewing the content of this site and contacting us with questions.  In learning about us perhaps you will want to join our team or donate to our cause and become a partner in a force for good in our community.

Ted Kuntsling, MD

Note from the President

Dear Colleagues,

As with many other organizations, the Wake County Medical Society faces challenges related to societal changes and to the demands and restrictions stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. Recent years have been especially turbulent for our medical community. The focus of our Society has changed dramatically since I first joined in 1975. We are in the process of reinventing and redefining ourselves.

In the past, the WCMS has focused on service and education and has significant accomplishments to its credit, including Project Access and the Capital Care Collaborative, but these endeavors have been “spun off” and now operate independently of the Society. Large health care organizations including Duke, UNC, and WakeMed now employ many providers, provide operational support, and oversee referral networks and marketing. Yet, perhaps more than ever, medical professionals face “burnout” and other personal challenges. Seasoned veteran practitioners agree that building and maintaining friendships and relationships within the medical community is an essential bulwark against burnout. The primary emphasis of our Society is now collegiality, promoting and maintaining connections between our members and their families. We hope to achieve this by offering opportunities to gather, to socialize and communicate across generations, to enjoy one another, to teach one another, and to enjoy fellowship.

Doctors are educated, motivated, and highly intelligent individuals who have much to offer their community. Our communities and institutions need our support. We ought to be leaders and do our part to make our communities thriving and strong. Our emphasis will be to encourage this through a combination of quarterly meetings for all and small group events introducing you to a variety of community institutions. For several years, the WCMS Book Club has offered the opportunity for conversations about books and events. Medical CME, political lobbying and technical/professional support are left to other organizations are better equipped to provide these services.

The retirement of our long-time executive director, Paul Harrison, has necessitated engaging new administrative support. Fortunately, we have been able to contract with NC Medical Society to provide capable administrative continuity. This transition has taken time and has been affected by the same challenges of recruiting talent as experienced by many medical offices, but we are getting there. A current priority is to upgrade our website to enable our members to keep up with WCMS activities.

Our inability to meet during COVID restrictions has precluded the normal nomination and election of new leadership, but fortunately, our Executive Council members have continued to serve for several years beyond their normal terms. Moreover, the pool of physicians willing to serve in leadership roles has diminished. Thus, one of our first priorities is to identify and recruit younger physicians and surgeons to step up and lead our Society in years to come.

Watch for and enjoy our upcoming activities. Please make this possible with your participation and support.

Thank you.

Ted Kunstling, MD, FCCP
President, Wake County Medical Society
August 2022