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Learn more about NCMS meetings, publications, webinars and more to see which opportunities for involvement might suit your organization the best.

For more information, please contact Belinda McKoy or Pam Highsmith.

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meeting icon of three figures on blue circleMeetings

  1. LEAD Conference - October
    - The Society's annual membership meeting focused on Leadership, Education, Advocacy and Discovery.
    - Learn alongside physicians, PAs and other corporate leaders.
    - 150 attendees on average

  2. Business Alliance Membership Meetings

  3. NC Population Health Collaborative - Twice annually
    - The Collaborative is an informal group comprised of representatives of existing North Carolina ACOs and aspiring ACO participants and partners such as other provider groups, community-based organizations and patient advocates. The collaborative provides an opportunity for organizations preparing for health system transformation to share experiences and ideas about transitioning to accountable, value-driven health care delivery systems, and to identify and discuss possible solutions for facilitating that transition.
    - The Collaborative meets twice a year — either virtually or at a location in the Raleigh area.
    - 120-200 attendees on average

  4. Community Practitioner Program (CPP) Annual Meeting - Fall
    - CPP participants include physicians, PAs and NPs from throughout North Carolina who agree to work in medically underserved areas of the state for reimbursement of educational loans. Their Annual Meeting includes current and past CPP participants and often focuses on a particular emerging health care issue that is impacting patients in the state or on innovative programs that are working to address Healthy NC goals.

    - 30-100 attendees

  5. Specialty Summit - 2022
    - Health care leaders representing specialties from across NC gather to establish legislative priorities and discuss ways to collaborate.
    - 70-100 attendees

  6. Student Summit - Spring
    - Support the future of medicine. Students from all NC medical and PA schools gather to learn lessons from more seasoned MDs and PAs as well as from advisory professionals. A social gathering is typically included.
    - 20-50 attendees

icon of laptop with male figure presenting webinarWebinars

  1. Innovations Webinar Series - In development

  2. Business Alliance Member (BAM) Webinar Series - Quarterly
    - Webinars where BAMs are the stars of the show! Primary audience is NCMS members and those eligible for membership. Secondary audience is other clinicians and practice managers.
    - Held in the evenings or on Saturday mornings.

  3. Lunchtime Lesson Webinars - Monthly
    - Conducted in coordination with NCMGMA, the primary audience is practice managers and the secondary audience is NCMS members. BAMs have an opportunity to support monthly webinars on a variety of topics that appeal to NCMS members and their clinical and non-clinical staff.
    - Eight webinars are available for support.

icon of two papers on a blue circlePublications

  1. NCMS Member Calendar - Annually
    - This calendar is typically released in November and features photos taken by NCMS member physicians, PAs and medical students. These calendars are well-liked by NCMS members and are often displayed in waiting and exam rooms.
    - 10,000 printed copies distributed to members, prospective members and practices

  2. NCMS Bulletin - Quarterly
    - The NCMS' long-standing member newsletter is now presented in an online magazine format. This publication features more in-depth stories and photos about health care in NC.
    - Distributed to 6,500 NCMS members and affiliated individuals via email

  3. NCMS Morning Rounds - Daily
    - This daily email delivers the latest health care news impacting NCMS members. With more than 1,500 opens each day, this e-newsletter can showcase your brand approximately 30,000 times each month.
    - Distributed to 6,500 NCMS members and affiliated individuals via email

icon of a cloud with arrows pointing up and downVlogs, Blogs and Clubs

  1. PAC Pulse - Weekly during legislative session
    - This weekly video hosted by the NCMS government relations staff brings the latest legislative news to NCMS members' inboxes. With an open rate of approximately 1,500 each week, PAC Pulse delivers a brand awareness punch.
    - Distributed to 7,000 members and affiliated individuals via email

  2. Legislative Blog - Updated daily during legislative session
    - This comprehensive blog that follows the latest bills impacting health care is the "go-to" source for NCMS legislative advocates.

  3. NCMS Book Club - Quarterly
    - The Book Club is the latest offering to NCMS members where they can discuss something other than medicine. Members read a shared book and discuss it via an online forum.

icon of a head with lines depicting an active mindPrograms

  1. Kanof Institute for Physician Leadership

The Kanof Institute for Physician Leadership (KIPL) provides transformative leadership development training, with the foundational belief that clinicians, heading interprofessional teams, are best suited to lead clinical transformation that achieves true, patient-centered care. KIPL programs allow participants to hone and apply leadership skills to produce dramatic innovations benefitting the individual participant, their patients, and the system at large. Graduates of the programs go on to serve in leadership roles within the NCMS, the NCMS Foundation, and the greater community as well as within their own organizations. KIPL has a statewide network of over 500 alumni and now offers three programs:

Leadership College: A nationally renowned, project-based curriculum that fosters the leadership skills of 20-25 participants and meets over the course of one year. The program consists of both in-person and virtual meetings.

Health Care Leadership & Management: HCLM is a project-based curriculum with emphasis on deeper leadership development and skills that include innovation, negotiation, and financial literacy and application. HCLM accepts up to 15 participants annually over the course of 10 months and meets during 4 weekends, retreat-style, at various locations across the state.

Future Clinician Leaders College: FCLC is a leadership development program for students from across health professions as well as from across institutions to foster and promote leadership skills. Students join in their clinical years of their training and work in interprofessional teams on a project to address a health care challenge in North Carolina.

  1. Community Practitioner Program
    - CPP participants include physicians, PAs and NPs from throughout North Carolina who agree to work in medically underserved areas of the state for reimbursement of educational loans. Since its founding 2005, over 450 primary care providers have participated in the program, providing more than $425 million in care to NC patients.

  2. Project OBOT
    - Project OBOT — or Project Office-Based Opioid Treatment North Carolina — is an innovative program that seeks to improve treatment results of patients suffering from Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) through a combination of training and the use of an integrated health care platform.

  3. Our Community Health Initative (OCHI)
    - OCHI is the latest NCMS Foundation program that works with community partners to improve the health of NC patients. The program targets individuals with pre-diabetes and connects them with a lifestyle change programs with the goal of reversing their condition and preventing Type 2 diabetes.