NCOGS Leadership

North Carolina Obstetrical and Gynecological Society

NCOGS Leadership

April Miller, MD — Winston-Salem

Lisa Foglia, MD — Asheville

Courtney Strickland, MD — Greenville

Alan Rosenbaum, MD — Cary

Past Presidents:
Thor O. Svendsen, MD — Charlotte

Velma V. Taormina, MD MSE, FACOG — Durham



ACOG Section Chair:
Elizabeth Livingston, MD — Durham

ACOG Section Vice-Chair 
Clayton Alfonso, MD  — Durham

Member at Large:
Amy Bryant, MD — Chapel Hill

Member at Large:
Ashley Navarro, MD — Asheville

Member at Large:
Maria Small, MD — Durham

Annual Meeting Chair:
Zineb Mashak, MD — Winston-Salem

Annual Meeting Co-Chair:
Jenna Beckham, MD

Contact Us

Senior Executive Director/External Affairs:
Alan Skipper, CAE

Executive Director: 
Ashley Newton, MBA

NCOGS Staff: 
Megan Eberle - Director, Meetings and Medical Education

Asheton Graham - Manager, Event Planning 

Kerry Kendall - Coordinator

North Carolina Obstetrical and Gynecological Society
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(919) 833-3836 Phone
(919) 833-2023 Fax

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